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Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust ( 3 minutes ago )

hollycoco : I did not like that disgusting sacrilegious joke at the end or her shaming that audience member's faith in Christianity. King James Bible "I will speak of thy testimonies also before kings, and will not be ashamed."

Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust ( 8 minutes ago )

Matthew1986 : "Heeeeehuhuhuhuhjhjrgdusdbddjejesvhssjvwgsjdfbf" - Sarah Silverman's laugh.

Silicon Valley ( 11 minutes ago )

arw115611 : Awesome season IMO. TJ will be sorely missed going forward but Im sure they'll figure something out.

Preacher ( 13 minutes ago )

bondad : 'Never met God myself; but I hear good things' - brilliant writing in this show!

Transformers The Last Knight ( 17 minutes ago )

tigre777 : overall 6/10 - so much Computer graphic its hard to follow - the story leave so much question - the acting save it - still compared to 1980 transformer - MB don't got it - I'm a hard core fan of Transformer since 1982

James Bond: On Her Majesty's Secret Service ( 21 minutes ago )

mzorin : Someone down there thinks Lazenby was a special forces instructor? hahahaah. He was a mechanic, a car salesman, a model, and never acted a day in his life. He never signed a contract for this movie and did what he wanted--which was grow a beard after filming and it caused huge problems. The studio wanted him to look like Bond outside of filming the movie. He was told not to attend the premier if he had the beard. The studio couldn't force him to look like James Bond outside of work because he had no contract. He was offered $1 million cash and a contract to do the next 6 JB movies but turned it down. His contract stipulated a long list of rules regarding what he could and couldn't do outside of the studio (such as no beard). He was eventually blacklisted because he kept appearing for interviews with a beard. In his own words, he wanted to live life on his own terms. Many people think this is the worst bond movie but I say it's one of the best. First, the story is a romance with James Bond getting married, second, there's no way Connery could have pulled-off the scene where he has to wear a kilt and talk like a real Brit...despite being an Aussie. By the way, he banged all the costars in the 9 months they were in the Alps filming this. Seriously.

Fear the Walking Dead ( 23 minutes ago )

canerep : well finally its getting better and better. brain scene really good. makes you thinking how did the rewind start.

All Eyez on Me ( 26 minutes ago )

canerep : it could be better. much more expected sad they didnt do it better.

Silicon Valley ( 34 minutes ago )

MantisPrawn : Hopefully Richard has finally learned to stop screwing the company over because he can't control his emotions, he is the most frustrating character. This finale was the best episode this season though.

Ghost in the Shell ( 37 minutes ago )

drnkmnky : A good enjoyable 6/10 cyberpunk action flick. Just forget origins and your better off. Scarlett is like a skinbyrd loving military wear, she should have swastika tattoo on that droid body xD

RuPaul's Drag Race ( 39 minutes ago )

IanQuinto : Everybody attacked the Miss Congeniality winner aside from Jaymes Manfield and Eureka, I saw them comforting the winner while everyone is dancing at the end. How shady... she deserved it!

The Lost City of Z ( 42 minutes ago )

Bookside_Bees : For all you Americans - the real name of the movie is Lost City of Zed. The whole "Zee" thing is hard to deal with, I know. We also have metric.. which is weird, but loveable nonetheless. Mind you... that always struck me as odd because you use "Imperial" measurements which sounds more British than American. Oh yeah, the movie was good too. :p

The Lost City of Z ( 49 minutes ago )

Matthew1986 : Way too long. Whole story could've been told in 15 minutes. How about a movie about a winner like Pizarro instead of a loser that got eaten by headhunters? Fawcett was only promoted for being the only unit to not retreat but that only means he is a loser that got his entire unit killed in no mans land. (Which never happened because he was an artillery officer so he never even saw no mans land which makes me think the whole movie might just be BS) What a douche. Edit: I guess the moral of the story is that nice guys don't just finish last, they finish way, way last and bring everyone around them down with them.

OMG ( 56 minutes ago )

britflix : i fully understand that bad childhoods, could make a person want to transform themselves, from the person they once were, however a blow-up doll is not a good look for anyone lol, i actually felt quite sad for jade bless her. The barbie look is just too much pink, sparkle & lipstick i'm afraid....what a strange look to aspire too.

Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust ( 1 hour ago )

v_2tapch : effing horrible. she's a screecher.

Southern Charm ( 1 hour ago )

SizzyLove : This was a somewhat good finale.

After School Special ( 1 hour ago )

malaysiaboy : Not a must watch. Keep your expectation really low and it's alright to watch once. Eric Roberts does like a 30 sec cameo and overacts the shit out of it.

Preacher ( 1 hour ago )

bondad : Yay it's back! And what an opening episode!

The Return of the Living Dead ( 1 hour ago )

tomishereagain : Well, why not? It IS A FUN movie!

Planet of the Apes ( 1 hour ago )

tomishereagain : Time to prep for WAR, should be available soon, War for the Planet of the Apes 2017.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space ( 1 hour ago )

tomishereagain : This is so much fun, and gore! I want a clown mask with those TEETH!

Smurfs: The Lost Village ( 1 hour ago )

joshua121 : no suprise, female director. what is wrong with all these women... feminists have to put their propaganda nonsense in everything they do. insecure women

Dagon ( 1 hour ago )

tomishereagain : It might be a B movie but it beats any current horror lately.

American Bomber ( 1 hour ago )

pausepause : This sucked. Had to stop after seven minutes. Some flag-waver's terrorism wet dream. As Bugs Bunny would say, 'Ooooh Margaret, peeeee-u!

Yonderland ( 1 hour ago )

mrcrowley86 : is this a family show, like for kids? i was hoping for something like mighty boosh or monty python, but horrible histories is a kids show, so im just wondering, thanks.

Can't Stop, Won't Stop: A Bad Boy Story ( 1 hour ago )

Mcanada : Puffy is still a narcissistic egomaniac and clearly its driving him nuts that hasn't had a hit or been relevant in about 20 years now, hence this " documentary ". That being said the flashback bits about BIG and the early 90s Hip hop era they do throughout this make it actually worth watching. I literally had no idea Bad Boy had a comeback tour across the US as well as here in Canada till i watched so this so that should speak for itself. The golden age of Bad Boy is long over, its kinda sad to see Puff trying to keep it alive after all these years. Good watch for any early Hip hop fans though

Dark Matter ( 1 hour ago )

GeekGrl83 : Seriously, why bring back Sarah? Sorry but that character is so bland and boring

The Woods ( 1 hour ago )

love2rhyme : i kinda liked it. give it a watch. 3.5/5

Baahubali 2: The Conclusion ( 1 hour ago )

malaysiaboy : An epic sword and sandal type movie with very good acting and storyline. One the best film from Indian cinema and if u like this type of genre with a lot of effects and also a great storyline,this would be a an enjoyable watch.

Genesis ( 1 hour ago )

thunderbolito : Editing failed, acting terrible, action sucked balls, director no direction other than circles, writer still writing the sequels , is to be continued at the end wtf?? this sucked.PS location , your mom's backyard or any abandoned house you ever seen.

Riviera ( 1 hour ago )

missdarkly : I'm loving this new bond and relationship between Christos and Fatima. I hope they both survive. Adam seemed a little obsessed from the get go not surprised he tried to do what he did and definitely cheered at Georgina's ending line.

Riviera ( 2 hours ago )

maggieevansdx : Well, I did not care for the ending but loved the ride. Hope to see Julia again soon.

Star Trek: The Next Generation ( 2 hours ago )

imac786 : did polaski made a move on warfff.... bad lady doctor Also, will just killed people - clone or not. I am surprised star trek overlooked this huge moral issue

RuPaul's Drag Race ( 2 hours ago )

misssally1969 : I can't stop watching Her Win!!!

The Mummy ( 2 hours ago )

sgo_leary : I have to disagree with all the hatin'! This was a fine action/adventure flick. I was not, IMO, a re-make of some other movie; it was the re-telling of an age old story. Excellent special effects and a very quirky comic relief undertone. 4/5 for me.

The Lost City of Z ( 2 hours ago )

Mutefreak : A real adventure movie about British explorer Percy Fawcett. The Lost City Of Z is worth seeing if you like films based on true stories!

Superhuman ( 2 hours ago )

vyletterose : they are ALL "superhuman" should be $10,000 each if they succeed their tests, rather only one get $50,000..

Common ( 2 hours ago )

springfield45 : Good performances ''Joint Enterprise'' is no joke pick your friends wisely. Klneenex maybe necessary. 9/10

The Autopsy of Jane Doe ( 2 hours ago )

vtanisstoll : The story was original and everything else about it was fine... but it wasnt one of my favorites

Chef ( 2 hours ago )

hollis517 : no guns, blood, profanity (well, just a bit), physical confrontations, or pandering. and it was moral without being preachy. i liked it a whole lot. now, for the cookbook that ought to accompany the film ... 10/10 for the Cubano alone!!!

Pretty Little Liars ( 2 hours ago )

Lolli59 : Its definitely NOT Caleb. Caleb had no reason to care who killed Charlotte, which is what the game is about. Also, Caleb would have no way of passing ther "Leve Now" note to Mona at the pie place. 100 percemnt sure it is NOT Caleb. IT IS TOBY. They show AD driving out of town, and WHO is it they can't get a hold of??? I bet Toby had some connection with Charlotte, and I bet his girlfriend was involved somehow before she died.

Transformers The Last Knight ( 2 hours ago )

terrylee34 : transformers...robots in disguise....soooo goood. 10/10. everything about this movie is good..right down to the cam..thank you downloaders.. your the best!

Riviera ( 2 hours ago )

maggieevansdx : Well, that was exciting, I'd even say inflammatory.

Witchita ( 2 hours ago )

Sinsation : Wasn't bad, I liked it.

The Mist ( 2 hours ago )

greggfrank : this pilot was awful. i heard it gets better though. that mom needs to stfu and why was the husband so apologetic? grow some balls. men are all simps and manginas these days it's pathetic. hopefully it gets away from these dumb network television type stories and into the mist.

Last Man Standing ( 3 hours ago )

Trippic : best episode this season so far. No new daughter and boyfriend, coincidence?

Preacher ( 3 hours ago )

timo94 : keeps getting better and better with every episode.. Thanks!

Better Call Saul ( 3 hours ago )

coleco : ....and that's how Hector got his bell.

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Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust

hollycoco : I did not like that disgusting sacrilegious joke at the end or her shaming that ...

Sarah Silverman: A Speck of Dust

Matthew1986 : "Heeeeehuhuhuhuhjhjrgdusdbddjejesvhssjvwgsjdfbf" - Sarah Silverman's l ...

Silicon Valley

arw115611 : Awesome season IMO. TJ will be sorely missed going forward but Im sure they'll f ...


bondad : 'Never met God myself; but I hear good things' - brilliant writing in this show!

Transformers The Last Knight

tigre777 : overall 6/10 - so much Computer graphic its hard to follow - the story leave so ...

James Bond: On Her Majesty's Secret Service

mzorin : Someone down there thinks Lazenby was a special forces instructor? hahahaah. H ...

Fear the Walking Dead

canerep : well finally its getting better and better. brain scene really good. makes you t ...

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