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Date Night ( 3 seconds ago )

spark_angel2 : Even my husband liked it! A great film

The Mist ( 1 minute ago )

Reverendfelcher : Success and failure of shows like these depend on how well drawn the characters are. This is basically another Walking Dead type show with bugs instead of zombies. You know the drill. Time will tell with this one. The pilot is watchable though.

Alien: Covenant ( 20 minutes ago )

metrice2121 : I hated this movie. The bitch Ripley Scott said Sgourney Weaver going have to wait until he finshing making the alien movies that he want before he put her back in one of them. This movie dont make since because if u watch Aliens vs Predator, The predator lead u to believe they were the creaters of the aliens. So are they the actual promethius aliens.

The Leftovers ( 27 minutes ago )

kclaytor : This was an acid trip of an episode.

The Magnificent Seven ( 45 minutes ago )

Kanifuker : Good music score.

Silent Hill Revelation 3D ( 49 minutes ago )

KougorStorm : didnt like this as good as the ferst one

Dark Matter ( 1 hour ago )

hellfist : This was a cool way to let us the viewers get a hint of things to come.

Gantz: O ( 1 hour ago )

Tusmuertos : Incredible, great watch, amazing animation.

The Mask You Live In ( 1 hour ago )

Duirc : I've a bad feeling about this. This agenda about acceptable male identity is set by dysfunctional females who have no experience of a positive connection with males and who appear to have chosen to define males as females behaving badly - a bizarre version of Professor Henry Higgins' exasperated 'Why Can't a Woman Be More Like a Man?'

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword ( 1 hour ago )

adamizcool : I enjoyed it.. Would of liked alot more action but was still enjoyable.

Emelie ( 1 hour ago )

marionkreitmair : holy smokes what a nightmare.......and what a brave heroic kid

Kong: Skull Island ( 2 hours ago )

Egor17 : Great Kong movie and the monsters were good too.

47 Meters Down ( 2 hours ago )

Mastolastus : 2016? Go home primewire, you're drunk.

Kong: Skull Island ( 2 hours ago )

gothicghostbat : Kong is awesome, but the true king has 3 heads. Great movie, can't wait to see Godzilla 2 next year.

Power ( 2 hours ago )

NaydaK : The worst thing Jamie ever did was hook up with Angie. What a clusterf*ck. :(

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword ( 2 hours ago )

Eleivana : It's clear after reading the previous reviews that people either love or hate this film with little in between. I loved this take on the Arthurian legend with little in the characters or plot line that felt cliche or overdone. It is the classic good against evil story line and the dark 'Mordor' like settings and lighting make it clear who is in charge and who needs to be defeated. Perhaps too much story in the limited time made in depth character development thin but then again this more epic in its scope and could be forgiven that. Arthur and his evil uncle the king are fleshed out nicely with Arthur being reluctant to wear the crown and the evil bastard reluctant to take it off and the events in their respective lives explanatory.The cgi adds to rather than detracts from the film and IMO is very well done and engaging. The female mage is a nice change from the bearded and overdone Merlin character. This is a well done fantasy epic for a good entertaining and escapist two hours. Not every film has to be oscar worthy to be worthwhile. And honestly Charlie H. is easy on the eyes and a decent pick for a ficticious legendary character.

Going in Style ( 2 hours ago )

Blaargh : Fun movie, great story. 3.9/5

Pandemic ( 2 hours ago )

malaysiaboy : Not bad. Worth a watch for how well they portrayed the realism of the spreading of a disease and the panic it could caused and the officials would react to it.

Leeches ( 3 hours ago )

ChanceRox : Actually, it's quite enjoyable. The sexy dudes were nice eye candy throughout. I'd say every gay guy should give this a watch just for that. The effects weren't good, but at least it wasn't too bad. 3/5 stars

Dark Matter ( 3 hours ago )

toasterfraker : Started like one of many many episodic Groundhog Day we've seen time and time again in different shows but definitely didn't end that way. Whoa! The time traveling sets us up for darker times ahead. Can't wait to see where they are going with this and glad to see they have not shelved the android's storyline as it seemed they had. Top episode for me. Relying on the strengths of the show

Still Star-Crossed ( 3 hours ago )

alias6969 : This show keeps getting better and better. I am very intrigued with it from start to finish every episode. The characters are fun to watch and the story is refreshing. The added addition of Paris' character will bring an exciting element to the Story. I think the Princess is trying to undermine the Prince. 5/5

Rakka ( 3 hours ago )

Biggie50501 : This was AWESOME! Alien Argonians and Neill Blomkamp, can't go wrong. Solid 9 out of 10...would of been a 10 if Sharlto was in it.

The Mist ( 3 hours ago )

Verna_Brand : Anyone who likes this trashy adaptation has horrible taste.

Power ( 3 hours ago )

swans2525 : woww i,m so glad its back i missed this show and sinds the originals season ended yestherday,this came just in started verry good with lots of angles for the storyline.a thick fat 4.5/5 for this great start of season 3 welcome back ghost,lol.

Eli Stone ( 3 hours ago )

water2whine : The best episode so far!

GLOW ( 3 hours ago )

warensamble : Their is a documentary about the real G.L.0.W. that l suggest everyone watch, like this show and like the original show it's amazing!

Wynonna Earp ( 3 hours ago )

MontyFly : I did so enjoy Waverlie's cheer for Officer Hot ... meow! I wish I had a hot girlfriend that would do a cheer like that for me;)

Dig Two Graves ( 3 hours ago )

rolandfalworth : Not great but better than i expected 3/5

The Mist ( 3 hours ago )

Crenshaw : Read the story, saw the movie. This is really good (at least the pilot was).

The Bad Batch ( 3 hours ago )

goddammit : wow that made me hungry

Power ( 3 hours ago )

MykolCALISD : finally its back!! lets see what happens. :)

Justice League Action ( 3 hours ago )

Snivy747 : Don't listen to the dumb idiots in the comments. They have their nostalgia glasses on and can't enjoy something new. Plus, this show is for kids...NOT adults who grew up during the Justice League Unlimited era. It's obviously very different. The humor isn't Teen Titans Go level of random goofiness, it's more of a Batman: The Brave and the Bold type of humor. Again, it's for KIDS. Don't expect some deep message that speaks to today's political and social constructs, but i will say that the DC Goodness is 100% in this show and i'm hooked!

The Twilight Zone (1959) ( 3 hours ago )

Serberus : Oh yea. This is the episode where the Twilight Zone disappears into the Twilight Zone.

The Big Bang Theory ( 3 hours ago )

adriss : I just loved the last scene.

Paperboys ( 3 hours ago )

warensamble : Because of the lefts war on words this would have to be called Paperpeople or something dumb like that. Now there are two generations who don't even know what paperboys are...

The Nullarbor Nymph ( 4 hours ago )

Egor17 : one silly movie but strangely compelling.

Ghost Adventures ( 4 hours ago )

mvimama : This episode is packed full of evidence from start to finish.The investigation takes place on a Navajo Reservation.My maternal Grandmother was the last in my family to have full Cherokee blood,she was the descendant of a great Chief of her tribe,her Grandfather. So I've heard many stories of the spirits of ancestors and vengeful entities on the reservations.It was nice to see that some attention finally given to a heritage steaped so deaply in the respect and belief in the ways of the spirits.Great Job Guys!5/5 Thanks uploaders!

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword ( 4 hours ago )

Lenscap : Well this was an interesting and different take on the King Arthur legend. Saying that, I thought it was great as an action packed movie.There is absolutely no romanticism at all, no soft love scenes or anything remotely close to that. However, what you do get is a lot of fighting and great battles scenes. Loved it!

Genius ( 4 hours ago )

warensamble : Einstein Was a total asshole and I'm quite surprised that they portray him as such. Like the elitists today they were dismissive of all others. The elites have such a better starting place than everyone else and even more so back then because at least now ppl can have an education. Unfortunately the elites have even more power now because of globalism which probably washes out the availability of education for regular people.

Blood Drive ( 4 hours ago )

Nonya_Biddness : Way more gay stuff than I expected.

Modern Family ( 4 hours ago )

adriss : The last scene was hilarious.

The Originals ( 4 hours ago )

orlando1west : i hate that this season was cut short but i really loved how they ended it, have me feeling all these emotions like i actually lost my family. Am wondering if am the only one thinking of a mini series just showing how every one is handling the situation.

The Bad Batch ( 4 hours ago )

audsandFats : all shit! if you like the ending wow!

The Blacklist ( 4 hours ago )

Shantastic : Skeletons in the closet, literally. Ok, in a suitcase. More secrets, more blacklisters next season. I like the new cleaner.

Dig Two Graves ( 4 hours ago )

rolandfalworth : Not a bad watch if nothing else's is on give it a try little slow but story was ok 3/5

Riviera ( 4 hours ago )

LaaLuxx : Loved every last bit of it!!! 10/10

Still Star-Crossed ( 4 hours ago )

alias6969 : This is an exciting show so far and I love everything about the concept of it. Great acting and costumes. Let's see if they can keep up the good work with the writing. 5/5

The Dinner ( 4 hours ago )

literati : A small audience will love this story but most won't like it at all. Unsavory topics such as child murderers, multi-generational mental illness including mother/son emotional incest, violence versus avoidance and keeping secrets... all make this drama very dark and heavy and oppressive in tone. There is heavy-handed use of the Civil War along with the treatment, then and now, of Black people and women and the homeless being treated as either direct targets or side issues when it comes to the importance of victims and how they are treated with deliberate injustice to support the rise of others. This film goes deep and then leaves you to think about it. 4/5

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Latest Comments

The Mist

Reverendfelcher : Success and failure of shows like these depend on how well drawn the characters ...

The Leftovers

kclaytor : This was an acid trip of an episode.

The Magnificent Seven

Kanifuker : Good music score.

Silent Hill Revelation 3D

KougorStorm : didnt like this as good as the ferst one

Dark Matter

hellfist : This was a cool way to let us the viewers get a hint of things to come.

Gantz: O

Tusmuertos : Incredible, great watch, amazing animation.

The Mask You Live In

Duirc : I've a bad feeling about this. This agenda about acceptable male identity is set ...

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